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saturday…it was already 11:05 in the morning..i have to get up and do something that must be done..something that i would only do for defy my logic and try to see what happens..if i allow my heart..just for today… eyes feels heavy but i have to go now..after all, what had been said is what must be done or else..i did not slept that much, thinking about what to do..maybe i was just my excitement to watch the movie or maybe..nah, i do not want to hope anymore..enough with the none sense..i will just let it happen, the way it should happen..but i came home preparing and yet, still undecided..doubting things that i should do..those right things to do..feeling that there was something wrong, something to happen..i hope that, what i am going to do would not lead to my self-betrayal..having second thoughts, if those actions would lead to pain..but no, i must think positively now..i am going to do this..only for today… where was i..ah yes..i arrived at the place where i should wait for her..and too early was i that i decided to kill some time..time to remove some stinky doubts and calm myself..and where else would you expect me to go? a nearby computer shop of course..ok, yes i played but i did not play that much like i played before..i played there actually to..ok, let me re-phrase myself..i surfed, while i manage to do some thinking for exactly an hour..planning to arrive 15 minutes late with an invigorated spirit..maybe, i overstayed too much that i did not notice that it was already 2:20pm..i am late..and that would be unpleasant for her if i would make her wait for me that long..but of course, only a few people know me..i am always the first one to arrive at occasions like this…

..and so, i was 20 minutes late..and she was not i too early? i waited..after 30 minutes, still no sign of i went inside the fastfood, where we should meet and ordered a rootbeer to quench myself..i sat near the center table where i could be easily seen by any passerby i took sip, after sip..calculating each passing minute by each of those quenching rootbeer was less than half full..still no sign of her…

..while waiting and scanning each of every passerby for more than an hour or so..something caught my eye..i saw her mother passed by..ok, so she lives somewhere near the area, so it was a no big deal..but her mother passed again..and again..somewhat looking for something..or someone..threading slowly at the busy street..unluckily, she caught me looking..paused but continued her walking..did her mother just saw me..was she looking for her?..did she knew anything about our meeting place? i am getting worried for her..what could have happened?..i finished my rootbeer..then realized that it was already empty 15 minutes, i went outside the fastfood and try to wait some more..will she come?…

..i just wished that everything would be alright..that she would be ok because..yes, i walked her home late last night..i still could not understand her peculiar smile while she looked at me..what does she want to say to me?..i could choose to walk away anytime anyway..after all, she already have a boyfriend and what am i to her?..i mean, what i am doing now is act of kindness..just want to know her more..up close perhaps..ok, not that close..because i do not want to betray myself..because i still have that promise to keep..still hoping that that day would come…, i wished that she will not come today and had forgotten our everything would end as always..after all i am already immune to such pondering on what would i do if she do not show up..ah yes, as usual, i would spend the rest of the day online..trying to forget what had happened and to move on with my usual online life..that is very regularly me..grinning at myself, thinking about those precious exp..until it suddenly crumbled away..she came! it really her? i hallucinating?..what time is it anyway?..oh my, it was really her in the flesh..standing there by the corner looking at something..for someone inside..i did not move trying to figure whom it was..seeing the worry in her face..she did not notice me from my position..almost in front of she looking for me?..and by the time she found me, i was wearing a smile on my face..then she faced me with that peculiar worried smile..her face saying sorry while she continued to apologize with her is fine i said, at least she came..i wished she did not..but i waited there for more than two hours or so..would i waste the moment… we hurriedly try to find an fx to avoid the traffic and make use of those wasted precious this is it, no chicken running away..after all, she came..even though late and i being the one stupid who waited patiently..there would be no escape out of this and no effort to be i will play the usual kuya role but carefully trying to avoid being close..anyway, i will only do this once..just for this harm done out of kindness, right?…

..on the road, she let me listen to her favorite music on her mp3 while we talk our usual talk..everytime i looked at her eyes, she always does this peculiar smile..and before i got more charmed by those smiles we arrive at our destination..she kept teasing me about how excited i was to watch the movie..but she did not know that i was tensed because of her..i am battling with myself from the inside..trying to repress that emotion and rationally acting the way i must respond and react with her..just think of a robot being controlled by two opposing sides…

..i bought our ticket and even though she insisted on paying..i offered my generously stupid self and reasoned her out that this was my treat for her..for the hard work i saw in her and her willingness to learn and try..anyway, this was also a treat to myself because she knew that i was going to leave my job..and maybe, not able to see her anymore..anyway, i said and reasoned out to her that this is her rest day and all she is going to do was to relax and enjoy the movie..if she wanted to pay me back the favor, then all i request is that she must perform well at her work and fulfill her dreams…

..we had 30 minutes to wait before the movie starts, so we strolled for a while..i tried to know her likes while we walk and look at the displays on the mall..i even bought a book a friend asked me too..i asked her if she wanted anything before the movie, snacks, drinks..but she said "no" wearing that peculiar smile..i tried not to annoy or force her, i suggested if we should go inside?..find a nice place to sit, while the movie starts..i was feeling kinda tensed..this was the big screen, a movie that my friends have waited and talked about..and here i was..with this lady out of the i need to focus on the movie and try to understand the story as the plot slowly unfolds…

..but slowly, it felt kind a bit colder..i asked her if she was fine or if she was cold because she could borrow my jacket for a while..because i can still manage to bear the cold..but she responded with an "ok lng aq kua" with that peculiar intoxicating smile..and each time my bone chills inch by inch, i always check on her..if she could still bear with the cold..then she took out her jacket and wore it with that peculiar cutesy i focused myself instead on the movie while i try to battle myself out…

..but something felt weird or is it the air conditioning..because somewhere in the middle of the movie, i felt like freezing..and even without asking, i know she feels it i offered her my jacket..and she accepted it with her peculiar smile..yes, we shared my jacket because i too need a jacket..but the battle within myself was heart beats as if i have a sugar rush..i got lost in the process and found myself embracing the shivers away from her and nearer unto body was warmed by her fragrance while i shared my warmth with her..i have lost..reminding myself that i am only doing this just for this day..just this cold-movie day..we are not lovers, but it felt like it was..thanks for the unforgiving cold..i tried to focus my attention on the movie and avoid betraying myself..but i already had..just denying it..and we embraced that close, until the end..locked in a warm embrace, cradling her head near my thumping heart…

..the movie ended, finding ourselves surprised..quickly withdrawing ourselves from this trickery of circumstance..she insisted that we stay..because she wanted to watch the movie understand it better..but we could not stay, because it was just a single screened movie..seeing her a kind of disappointed, i offered her to dinner and since because it was kind of getting we went to this japanese restaurant..i asked her what she wanted to eat..she insisted on ice cream..great, so i bought her a chocolate mousse and because there was no "ice cream" there…

..time was slow as we talked while we ate..but i noticed she was not touching much of her meal..i do not know if she liked the food or if she was on a diet..ok, it was my fault because i did not ask if she liked japanese food..i just insisted..but she said, she was full with her peculiar satisfied smile..i understand her, because even i was not able to finish my i just asked a waiter for a take out on the remaining meal..we talked some more while i continue to finish my meal..i querily asked about her boyfriend and their current condition..i do not know why, because it was too late for me to realize my stupidity..but i need to know, right?..i have to know for my limitations…

..maybe an hour have passed with our i insisted that we should go home now, because it was getting very late specially for her..knowing where she would be staying for today..she insisted to carry my jacket and the book that i bought, putting it in her bag with her peculiar childish smile..i had no time to refuse because i was still puzzled..still analyzing what had just happened..and worrying about the time she has to be able to be at we commute again on an fx through the terminal..i miscalculated the time…

..the ride was smooth without any traffic, but it was not enough be able to send her home on time..she was feeling tired and asked me if i was sleepy..i said "no" because i was still pondering about the things that happened..i said to her that, she could take a nap and i will just wake her up when we are somewhere she leaned on my shoulder..still battling with myself out i lost again..i guess i can not deny myself on what i was again, i embraced her nearer and cradled her head as she sleeps..i felt her worries..her sadness..wishing that, if i could only take those away from heart beats like on a sugar rush while the radio plays a lullaby love song…

..i looked out the window..pondering the consequences of what i have done..i have opened my door for her, but i just hope she would not enter nor stay there..i am not rightful for her..she was young and still have hopes and dreams to achieve..all i want for her was to achieve the best for herself..trying to find an answer if i was betraying myself..have i cheated on that promise?..after all the ring is not with me anymore..or maybe without the ring, i am more vulnerable to this..and we arrived..slowly waking her up, but the ride was not enough for me to ponder about such matters at hand..and since it was already late, i offered myself to walk her home..i felt her worries as we walked..want to embrace her..but i must not, because it might lead to things more worse…

..and i bravely walked her up to their house..she knocked at the door and said to me that she will just check on her i waited outside..we are both surprised that her mother was the one who opened the door..waiting for her..they talked and expectations of her worries..felt guilty about was my fault in the first place that she was getting scolded now..and even if she did not asked her mother's permission about our meeting, it was my responsibility that i should be the asking her mother that responsibility to take her home earlier than responsibility to take the scolding away from her and take the blame myself was my fault because i know the consequences, yet i gambled with was in the end my fault..i wish i was the one being scolded..i felt terribly sorry about her…

..i waited while for open the know if it was going to be try to reason it out with her apologize and accept whatever punishment for her..i do not care whatever happens to me..even if it meant sacrificing myself for protect her with all my heart but i can not, because it would make the situation worse..damning myself for knowing the consequences..damning myself being there and could not do nothing…

..then she came out with her brother..handing me my jacket and the book..apologizing..bowing with sadness in her face..the peculiar smile was not her fault and i wanted to explain but..she just looked at me with her confirming sad face as she went inside..i understood and it could not be helped..what happened had happened..i can not turn back i apologized to her brother as he closed the door..arguments still heard from inside..arguments from inside myself..blaming myself for what i have done..bringing her this sadness..asking myself what i had i done to make her suffer like this…

..i walked away..bowing with guilt and embarrassment at the stars..i have made a mistake and wished that she was not a part of it..a part of an unexpected circumstance that i failed to deal with..there were no goodbyes nor parting smiles…

..she liked the chopsticks and kept it as a remembrance..that peculiar shy smile..her gentle fragrant warmth..another chance that i have failed..will i close the door again?..i felt myself smile..sad it was that i met her too late..sadder it was that i must go and leave..i wished through the stars that her boyfriend would treat her more than what i have done..that smile never left my face, even if i expect a rain to fall…

--caeli,v.28062009 the end there was always a price for that happiness…


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George Kelly
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Philippines describable as myself...
'..i have a need for other people to like and admire me,
and yet i tend to be critical of myself.
while i have some personality weaknesses
i am generally able to compensate for them.
i have considerable unused capacity
that i have not turned to my advantage.
disciplined and self-controlled on the outside,
but i tend to be worrisome and insecure on the inside.
at times i have serious doubts as to whether
i have made the right decision or done the right thing.
i prefer a certain amount of change and variety
and become dissatisfied when hemmed in by restrictions and limitations.
i also pride myself as an independent thinker, and do not
accept others' statements without satisfactory proof.
but i have found it unwise to be too frank
in revealing myself to others.
at times i am extroverted, affable, and sociable,
while at other times i am introverted, wary, and reserved.
because some of my aspirations
tend to be rather unrealistic...
--The Barnum Effect

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